Webbex Technical Services was set up in 1996 and for nearly 20 years we have been providing our services for companies and organisations all over the UK.

Our business is divided into 4 separate yet connected modules, which are:

Webbex is an innovative, imaginative, highly skilled and experienced web design and media company, specialising in accessible, attractive and unique website solutions, together with the associated graphic and audio/video solutions. We complement this with our business services department, which includes graphic and logo design, corporate identity analysis, copywriting and e-brochure production. We also offer a local PC support service.

Effective corporate identity is the backbone of successful business promotion and as such it reflects your company and attracts your target customers. Whether it is the design of a new logo or letterhead, or a more detailed analysis and marketing of your business, we have the expertise to help project your business in the manner necessary to maintain growth and stability.

We have 10 years’ experience working with established companies and organisations as well as new online ventures. We create websites of high quality design, and websites which are usable and accessible.

We believe that websites should be pleasing to the eye, accessible, easy to use and robust. We never forget that our main goal is to convey your message to Internet users in the most effective and imaginative way possible.

We are experienced and skilled at actively listening to your company's needs and based on the information gathered we will create an elegant, unique, and cost-effective web site solution, which will maximise your business potential.

We take great care to maintain a high standard of writing skills, believing that the text itself is a vital attribute of any successful website. People are attracted to a website by its design and search engine optimisation, but they are also enticed to look further and understand your message through well-written and easy-to-understand text. The words on your website need to draw the reader in, tempting them to read on and find out more about your products or services.

Our many years of work in audio and video have enabled us to offer a wide range of media solutions. We are highly-skilled in audio and video editing, audio remastering, video format conversion, DVD authoring and a host of other related services.