E-brochures, also referred to as electronic brochures, are the web-based equivalent of traditional printed brochures and catalogues. e-brochures can be delivered instantly via email, eliminating printing, mailing and administrative costs.
E-brochures may contain text, photos, price lists and more, along with contact information, email and website links. They can be updated very easily, to reflect changes in a company or organisation's details, or product information.
We create e-brochures that look and feel like a printed brochure, complete with turning pages. They are delivered via the web, so your customers can obtain a copy at any time, without contacting you or having to wait for delivery.
Electronic brochures are fast becoming the most popular way to distribute catalogues, tourist guides, travel brochures, property particulars, training manuals, and financial reports.
E-brochures created by Webbex Technical Services can be distributed over the internet or if you prefer, on CD ROM or DVD. In addition to replacing or complimenting existing printed brochures, the flexibility of this format means that they can be used for presentations both online and offline.
We can create new e-brochures from scratch or take your existing printed brochures and convert them into electronic brochures, catalogues, or manuals for you to distribute digitally.
Our service includes brochure design, original or library stock photography, copyrighting, graphic design, and production.

Advantages of e-brochures include:

  • Quicker - arrive instantly in your customer’s inbox
  • More targeted - email to your choice of mailing lists
  • Don't get lost - in company’s internal mail systems
  • Can be tracked - See who is reading your brochure
  • Cheaper - Dramatic reduction in your printing costs
  • More up to date - Can easily be updated
  • Dynamic - add live links to your website or add animation
 Key Features include:
  • Distributable via Email, CD Rom, DVD etc
  • No extra software or plug-in required
  • A standalone self-running file
  • Small file size
  • Easy to use
  • Hyperlinked contact details and logo
  • Print facility