All material sent to Webbex Technical Services for conversion must be original material owned by the customer. Webbex Technical Services will make one copy of the original material for the purposes of private listening and transportability.

The owner of the recording may use this in other playback devices as long as he or she retains the original recording. Should the original material be destroyed or disposed of, the owner must destroy or dispose of all converted copies accordingly. The owner shall not sell, lease hire or broadcast the converted material to any other person or organisation, or this will be seen as breach of copyright.

Webbex Technical Services assumes no responsibility for the ownership of the copyright, and this shall therefore remain at all times the property of the customer in accordance with local law.

Should any copyright subsisting in the work not be owned entirely by the customer instructing the work, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain consent for the reproduction of the work from the copyright owner.

Webbex Technical Services does not accept responsibility for any liability arising under copyright legislation as a result of reproducing work on the instructions of a customer.

By using this site and its services, the user takes full responsibility for all copyright issues under the 'fair use' provisions of copyright law.

Should you have any questions regards the legality of a conversion, please email us and we will get straight back to you.