A domain name or "url" is the address that you type into your browser's address or location bar when you wish to visit a particular site. For example, our domain name is 'www.webbex.net'.

A domain name is very important for every person, organisation and business who has a web presence. Internet addresses are complicated at best, and if you do not have a domain name, then it will be harder for people to find your website.

A potential customer is far more likely to remember 'www.yourcompanyname.co.uk' than
'www.freeprovider.co.uk/username/userdirectory/index.htm'. They also look far more professional.

Domain names also allow you to have professional-looking email addresses, such as 'dave@yourcompanyname.co.uk'.

It is always a good idea to check your domain name availability and if necessary think of an alternative.

We can purchase a domain on your behalf and all details are forwarded when they are available. It generally takes 48 hours from the purchase of the domain before it becomes active.