Do you have vinyl or tapes that you never listen to because you don't have a turntable anymore, or you don't get round to putting them on? We can transfer them to CD for you, so you can listen to them again, at home, in the car or while on the move, or because you simply want to save space.

Webbex has been in the business of converting vinyl and tapes to CD for several years. We have converted hundreds of records and tapes to CD for customers all over the world.

We use state of the art equipment and software to do these conversions. That, along with our vast experience in this type of conversion, produces the best product possible for our customers.

The Process - Standard Service

) Your vinyl record is cleaned and played only once, in order to record the original source to our equipment.

2) Once the audio has been extracted from the vinyl record, the following steps are taken to remaster the audio:

  • State of the art, next generation algorithms are used to manually remove clicks and pops
  • Noise reduction is applied to the audio to remove surface noise from the vinyl record
  • The individual tracks are separated in preparation for being placed on the master CD
  • Each track is normalized to achieve optimal playback volume for today's modern stereo equipment
3) Once we are satisfied with the sound quality, the audio is transferred to an 80 minute CD as audio tracks, complete with track skip functions. All CDs are supplied in CD jewel cases as standard.

The Process - Premium Service

As well as the above, our premium service includes:

  • Manual removing of clicks and pops by listening to the sound with the human ear
  • Custom made artwork for any CDs that we make. (Provided the original album artwork is provided by the customer)
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