We can convert virtually any type of media into a professionally printed and personalised DVD which can be played on your ordinary DVD player at home. This includes both printed and digital photos, 35mm slides and negatives. We can create a DVD slideshow that plays through all your photos and you can even get your photos reprinted from the finished DVD.
We offer a complete scanning to DVD service. We will scan your photographs, optimise if necessary, add transitions, titling and music. We even include the high quality Jpeg images on the DVD in case anything should ever happen to your photos. Alternatively we can leave the scans unedited for your own optimising.
Our DVDs make excellent and unique gifts, suitable for birthdays, weddings, sports events - in fact any occasion where you take photos.

DVDs have numerous advantages over other older formats:
  • DVDs are easy to store and do not take up much room on the shelf
  • DVDs are in digital format and can be copied easily today and in the future
  • DVDs do not degrade in quality like photos and video tape
  • DVDs can be copied and given to friends and family members
  • DVDs offer a better way of viewing

We can also transfer photos to CDs which can be played on most home DVD players.