Audio restoration is a process used to improve the quality or intelligibility of recorded media using techniques such as noise reduction, mastering and equalisation.

Webbex Technical Services utilizes many years of experience in analogue and digital audio to provide the finest audio restoration and remastering service possible. In basic terms, we will remove unwanted noise from your recordings, cleaning them up into a highly listenable product.

Our professional equipment and software can work wonders. They enable us to bring out the underlying sound of a poor recording, without adding new noise or distortion. We employ the most recent psychoacoustic research and multilevel decision algorithms to remove clicks while preserving the sonic clarity of your source.

Audio restoration is designed to ‘clean up’ a recording, much like the paintings of the old masters that have been restored to their original quality. The object is to separate the sound from the medium that carries it, so you can hear the audio without the clicks, pops, scratches and hiss that often plagued the original recordings. In some cases, the desired sound is so close in character to the noise, that some noise has to be left so as not to sacrifice parts of the sound that we want to keep.

Although it doesn’t take rocket science to record tapes onto a computer and produce CDs, it is what we do once the audio is inside the computer that makes for a professional service. Audio restoration is a slow and highly skilled process. It takes time to get a good result and we are prepared to spend the time listening and re-touching the audio to achieve the best possible result for you.