Each web site we create incorporates the most recent technology and techniques that allow your web site to be fully optimised and found on the search engines - i.e. a search-engine-friendly web design.
Before we even begin to design your web site, we will discuss the keywords for your organisation. Additional research is then done to verify the effectiveness of these keywords.
The results of this in-depth evaluation form part of the design of the web site as well as the way the site is structured and coded. Placing keyword-rich text on web pages will not increase search engine visibility unless crawler-based search engines can easily access that text. A site's design, page layout, navigation scheme, and information architecture are just as important as search-engine-friendly copy.
From the start, the pages of the site will be created in such a way that the site will receive a good ranking in the search engines. This is a foundation-up type of approach that we believe is essential for long-term results.
Our search engine optimisation service concentrates on the following areas: 

  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Consultation during website creation or review report for existing websites
  • Content creation or modification
  • Site structure & navigation
  • HTML validation & cleaning
  • Meta tags composition & upload
  • Alt tags composition & upload
  • Internal linking
  • Creation and upload of site map
  • Manual submissions to top search engines
  • Automated submissions to 1500 search engines, directories and business sites
  • Competitor analysis (keywords targeted by your competitors)
  • Competitor monitoring (current ranking report of your competitor)
  • Link building

Long-term success will ultimately be based on relevant content, competitor analysis and a continual tweaking and monitoring of all the fourteen categories outlined above.
Also bear in mind that the web is constantly changing. New web sites come online, rankings change as new content is added to other sites, new links are created, etc. To stay on top of your rankings, your site needs to be monitored regularly. As you compete for better rankings, your site will most likely need to be changed, improved and tweaked in one or all of the categories.