Flash animation comprises animation sequences, music and video clips. It can add visual or audio interest to your website, and can be the differentiating factor that makes a website memorable.
Webbex specialises in Flash presentations, intros and advertisements. We
can implement videos, music, animation and more to your website, making you stand out from the crowd.
Adding movement and sound to your website will make it more interesting,
providing Flash is used correctly. In our Flash development work we consider all the site design elements, bandwidth and streaming issues, along with the validity of using animation.
The right amount of animation will add interest - too much could be annoying for your visitor, and can also make it hard for search engine robots to index your site. It could also raise accessibility issues. Although impressive flash animation may look good, it is no substitute for poor content.
Over the years, Webbex has successfully walked this fine line by balancing Flash with static website elements.