We have successfully completed hundreds of audio and video projects and new enquiries arrive each day. Three of the more interesting ones are detailed below:

Case Study 1

We received a phone call from Nick Van Eede - the singer in the band Cutting Crew (I Just Died in your Arms). The band he was in prior to the formation of Cutting Crew was a little known band called The Drivers who had released just one LP (Short Cuts) on vinyl. It was never released on CD. Nick wanted us to extract the audio from his old worn out copy of the LP, restore and remaster the sound, and transfer it to CD.

This process was very involved and as well as using software to clean the audio, we also listened to the sound with the human ear to remove further noise.

Here are the results:

old sample

new sample

Nick was very pleased with the end product and has made it available for download on his website. The job also led to Case Study 3 below.


Case Study 2

Croydon-born singer/songwriter Simon Clothier has a 30 year pedigree in the music business, fronting bands such as Rema and Saints Believe Us, before turning full circle and returning to his ukulele roots. Simon asked us to salvage his old recordings of the many live gigs he has done, re-master and transfer them to a digital format for safekeeping.


Case Study 3

As a follow up to our work on The Drivers LP above, we were commissioned to archive Nick Van Eede's entire private video collection to DVD. This ranged from his earliest television performance on New Faces to the 2002 Night of the Proms performance, and included much video footage from his days with Cutting Crew. Three examples are below.